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If you’re a new driver in Texas, you may be wondering about the importance of behind-the-wheel training. While it may seem like just another requirement to fulfill, behind-the-wheel training is actually an essential part of becoming a safe and responsible driver. In this article, we’ll explore why behind-the-wheel training is so crucial for new drivers in Texas.

 First and foremost, behind-the-wheel training provides hands-on experience and practical skills that cannot be learned from a textbook or online course. While classroom instruction is important for understanding traffic laws and regulations, it is only through actual driving practice that new drivers can develop the necessary skills to navigate the roads safely.

 During behind-the-wheel training, new drivers are exposed to various real-life driving scenarios, such as merging onto highways, navigating through heavy traffic, and handling adverse weather conditions. This allows them to gain confidence and learn how to react appropriately in different situations. It also helps them develop crucial skills like defensive driving, hazard perception, and decision-making, which are vital for avoiding accidents.

 Moreover, behind-the-wheel training provides new drivers with valuable feedback and guidance from experienced instructors. These instructors are trained to identify and correct any mistakes or bad habits that new drivers may develop. They can provide personalized instruction and tips to help new drivers improve their skills and become safer drivers.

 In Texas, behind-the-wheel training is also a requirement for obtaining a driver’s license. The state mandates that new drivers under the age of 18 must complete at least 7 hours of behind-the-wheel training, in addition to 32 hours of classroom instruction and 30 hours of supervised driving. This requirement ensures that new drivers receive adequate training and are well-prepared to handle the responsibilities of being on the road.

 Furthermore, behind-the-wheel training can also lead to lower insurance premiums for new drivers. Many insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who have completed an approved driver’s education program, which includes behind-the-wheel training. This is because these drivers are considered to be less of a risk due to their additional training and experience.

Whether you’re a teenager excited to start your journey on the road or an adult looking to enhance your driving skills, Desi Driving School is the perfect choice. With its experienced instructors, personalized approach, convenient location, and commitment to safety, this driving school provides an excellent learning experience for all its students. So, don’t wait any longer – enroll today and embark on your journey to becoming a confident and responsible driver with Desi Driving School! Call us at 972-439-3757  or fill out the form at

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