Adult In-Car

Behind the wheel Lessons:
You must have a valid learners  permit(with your picture on it)  from DPS  for driving lessons. Payment is due at the time of scheduling appointments.  It will be your responsibility to inform the school 48  hours in advance DURING  business hours  if you need to cancel/reschedule your appointment. The lesson fee will be non refundable if student is a no-show or lesson is not cancelled 48 hours in advance during business hours. All private lesson packages must be completed within a month of signing up. STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR TENNIS SHOES FOR LESSONS. NO FLIP FLOPS  OR SANDALS!

There is no pick-up and drop-off service offered anymore. Student must arrange their own ride  for the driving lessons.

All our instructors are certified by the state of Texas and are very professional and courteous.


Control & Observation

Wheel control, hand-over-hand steering, highway driving, right & left turns, city driving, proper lane change, laws & rules, etc..

Driving Test Preparation:

  • Parallel parking
  • Lane change
  • Emergency-brake
  • Quick stop
  • Right & left turns
  • Traffic signs
  • Signals
  • Driving in reverse
  • Proper speed
  • Coming to a smooth stop

1 hour private lesson-$60 Dollars

2 hour private lesson- $95 Dollars

8 hours( package of four lessons)- $360 Dollars