The Teen Driver’s Ed. Program includes 16 classroom lessons and 14 in-car hours. The full course costs $369. An application signed by the parent or a legal guardian is needed to start classes. A pen and a notebook should be brought to all classes. Class hours can be taken as young as 14 years old. The classes are two hours long. They add up to a total of 32 hours as regulated by the state. A minimum age of fifteen is required for the full course including behind the wheel instruction and the permit test.

Permit Test

The permit test is given at the end of the first week and it covers knowledge of road signs, signals, and road rules. A vision test will be given as well before the permit test.

According to the new implement of the DPS, teenagers (under 18) are required to go to DPS office with their parents, as they will issue Instruction Permits (Leaners Licenses) with Biometric Photograph. The Drive Times are scheduled once the student get their Instruction Permit.

There are 14 hours of in-car instruction. The lessons are broken down into seven 2 hour lessons which include seven hours of driving and seven hours of observation. Driving times will be scheduled by the student after they get their permit.

$390 for full-course ( check for specials on main page and also above teens class schedule. Pay on third line titled ‘preferred amount’ when paying the full sale amount)call 972-437-4740